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In the petrochemical and process industries as well as the installation market ITT Controls has experience for more than 40 years. With a huge variety of products and brands we serve both large and small customers.

ITT Controls distinguishes themselves by a personal approach and knowledge of products. Through continuous innovation we are able to think along with our customers and we always offer a solution. The strength is that we dare to think 'outside the box'. This often results in custom-made ​​solutions.

We try to give you a good advice in this tangle of brands and products. Reliability, durability, quality, efficient, service-oriented and innovative are keywords that relate to the brands and also to ITT Controls.

Safe and reliable equipment ensure a successful exploration and production.

This site is a way to show you what we can deliver. With over 100 different manufacturers, we are a complete supplier in the oil and gas industry. ITT Controls supplies heatpumps, groundwater pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, pressure independent ball valves, manual valves and filters, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control , pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control devices, thermoelectric safety, heating controllers Comfort Controls and measuring and testing equipment and virtually any product that is found in the oil and gas industry.

For all your electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems ITT Controls is globally at your disposal.


ITT Controls supplies parts for products such as gas turbine fuel nozzles from Del-o-Flo. Del-o-Flo is a part of the Goodrich Corporation and is world leader in designing and manufacturing high quality nozzles and fluid handling systems.



ITT Controls also provides controllers, actuators, positioners, transducers and other products from ITT Conoflow. ITT Conoflow is part of ITT Control Technologies. The product range of ITT Conoflow is very wide and we can help you with the right components and materials.