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3010 - 2013

Barton Instruments 226C Indicator

Model 226C 3-inch Indicator

The Barton Instruments M226C is a DP Indicator that is actuated by Barton's M224C rupture-proof DPU.

The indicating pointer travels through a 270° arc over a compact 3-inch (75 mm) dial. Scales are calibrated in uniform increments for measurement of DP or liquid level. Square root  radations are available for direct reading of flow rate and special scales are available for indicating the quantity of fluid in tanks.


The M226C is used in applications where weight and space are at a premium. Widely used in jet engine and missile testing programs, aircraft ground support equipment, water treatment, and air conditioning systems. It is specified by many liquefied gas producers and distributors for liquid level indication of materials, such as: LOX, CO2, ammonia, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, and argon.

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