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111 - 2013

Cameron Ledeen Self-Contained Hydraulic Actuators

Standard Features

Fail-safe close or open (specify with order)
• Manifold-mounted components of anodized marine-grade
• Dual accumulators for thermal compensation of power
and control circuits
• Stainless steel adjustable pressure sensor for ESD
• Bright red-colored trip lever for local manual operation
for ESD
• Stainless steel hydraulic reservoir with sight glass
• Scotch-yoke actuator for high breakaway torque output
• Mechanical indicator for local verification of valve position
• Easy to adjust open and close travel stops
• Torque outputs to 5.7 MM in-lb (644,000 N·m)
• Operating temperature range -50° F to 212° F
(-46° C to 100° C)

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