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ITT Controls

288 - 2013

ITT Barton Switches and Indicators

    Wide Selection of DP Ranges (including absolute, zero-center, and split ranges)
    Safe working pressures up to 6000 PSI
    BARTON DPU Sensor
    High resolution scale spans a 270o arc
    Seal-welded 224C DPU available for leak-proof metering
    Optional one or two narrow deadband switches

199 DPU Actuated

    DP Spans: 10" W.C. to 100 PSID
    Built in pulsation dampener
    Field changeable range spring

199 DPU Actuated Switches & Indicators

    Models 289A & 291B Differential Pressure Switches
    Models 200A & 200AS Differential Pressure Indicators

224 DPU Actuated

    DP Spans: 30" W.C. to 1000 PSID
    Compact and Lightweight

224 DPU Actuated Switches & Indicators

    Models 288C, 290D, 318C, Differential Pressure Switches
    Models 226C, 227C, 232C, 247C, 450C Differential Pressure Indicators

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