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104 - 2014

Actaris Gas Meters and Modules

Actaris Metering Systems is active in residential metering, commercial and industrial metering. These have not only the standard metering systems, but also the smart meters for extended use. With meters of Actaris Metering Systems it is also possible to read the meters remotely and is smart payment an option.

Various models of Actaris Gas Meters and Modules are:

Actaris ACDG1.6
Actaris Gallus
Actaris Metris
Actaris RF1
Actaris U6 , U16 and SC6
Actaris Atreva
Actaris C -series
Actaris e-series
Actaris RF1 sVZB
Actaris GallussV G
Actaris RF1 sV G

Commercial and industrial
Actaris Dattus
Actaris A-series
Actaris ACD G10 - G16 , G25 - G100
Actaris U -series Chart Meters
Actaris Delta Rotary Meter
Actaris FLUXI 2000/TZ Turbine meters
Actaris MZ Quantometer
Actaris Sparklog
Actaris C -Series
Actaris e-series
Actaris Corus
Actaris Focus
Actaris Alis 200
Actaris ISB +
Actaris Wincor
Actaris Winlog GPRS

Actaris Metering Systems Communication Modules
Actaris AnyQuest Cyble Enhanced
Actaris EverBlu Cyble Enhanced
Actaris Unigate
Actaris Cyble SC
Actaris Cyble Sensor
Actaris Cyble Sensor ATEX
Actaris Gallus i V PSC
Actaris RF1 i V PSC

104 - 2014

Actaris Meter Data Management

Besides Data Management software Actaris Metering Systems provide the tools to collect and analyse the data. The software can give you an energy forecasting and can process this for customer care and billing.

Meter Data Management

Actaris Enterprise Meter Data Management
Actaris MV-90 xi

253 - 2014

ITT BARTON Turbine Meter Preamplifier Model 818A and 818EU

Barton Model 818A Preamplifier

The ITT Barton Turbine Meter Preamplifier Model 818A converts a low-level signal from the turbine meter pickup coils to square wave signals which are suitable for transmission. Transmissions Up to 3 miles (5 km) for current output and 100 ft (30 m) for voltage output are no problem for the Barton 818A Preamplifier. The output is field selectable – for compatibility with various readout devices. Hazardous location explosion-proof condulet connects to the turbine meter coil boss.

Barton Model 818EU Preamplifier (Cenelec Approved)

The ITT Barton Turbine Meter Preamplifier Model 818EU converts low-level turbine meter pickup coil signals to square wave signals suitable for transmission up to 3 miles (5 km) for current output signals and up to 328 ft (100 m) for voltage output signals. The output is field selectable for either current or voltage – for compatibility with a wide variety of readout devices. The Barton 818EU mounts directly to the turbine meter coil boss.

3010 - 2013

Barton Instruments 202E

The Barton Instruments 202E is a chart recorder that is used in gas transmission and distribution fields. It is an 12-inch accurate calibration unit that even works under extreme variations in static pressure and ambient

3010 - 2013

Barton Instruments Models 288C / 289A / 290D / 291B

These Barton Instruments DP Indicating Switches are responsive to relatively low magnitudes of pressure differences at high static pressures. They are offered in a wide range of DP ratings and can withstand over-ranges equal to their rated SWP. Typically they are used to energize alarm or control circuits.

3010 - 2013

NuFlo DP Cone Meter

Barton Instruments launched in 2006 an accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solution for a wide range of industrial applications.  NuFlo is a breakthrough product of Barton Instruments. The inherent design of the Barton Instruments DP Cone meter dramatically reduces required “real estate” and therefore offers a compact, rugged and low cost alternative to traditional measurement technologies.

288 - 2013

ITT Barton Turbine Meters

The first turbine meters were developed in 1957 by NUFLO™. They were rugged and field-proven. This product line of ITT Barton has grown and developed alongside the requirements of the international oil & gas and process control industries. NUFLO turbine meters of ITT Barton have an excellent reputation. They can handle severe environmental punishment and still maintain operational and measurement integrity.
BARTON Turbine Meters          

ITT BARTON 7000 Series Liquid Turbine Meters and ITT BARTON 7400 Series Gas Turbine Meters

Suitable for liquids and gases
High accuracy
Wide rangeability
Low maintenance

NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meters

NUFLO 1000 Series TIM Liquid Turbine Meter and NUFLO 1502 WECO Union Liquid Turbine Meter

Accurate and repeatable measurement
Long service life even in severe applications
Easy installation

NUFLO Gas Turbine Meters

Single meter handles wide range of flow rates
Carbide bearing design
Low Intertia rotor design
Low Two-bladed rotor
Low Electrical output signal

288 - 2013

ITT Barton Transmitters

ITT Barton has a long history of building electronic transmitters. ITT Barton uses a comprehensive range of sensor technologies. They offer five series of products to satisfy world-class measurement performance; Product Series FCX, 3900 series, MVX-II, Scanner 2000 and the Barton nuclear series.

FUJI FCX AIII Series Transmitters    

Capacitance-based sensor technology
Models to measure the high and low extremes of pressure
+/- 0.065% of span measurement accuracy
+/- 0.01% of URL stability for 10 years
Fully configurable by optional integral display
Free HART based PC interface software
Offered by Cameron only in North & South America

3900 Temperature Transmitters

3920 Series Temperature Transmitter
3940 Series Temperature Transmitter with HART Communications
Series 20 Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

NUFLO™ MVX-II Multi-Variable Transmitter

3095FB™ Modbus™ register map
RS485 serial communications
+/-0.05% of URL measurement accuracy

Scanner 2000    

Transmitter functions with or without flow computing
+/-0.05% of URL measurement accuracy
DP full scale 30" to 840" W.C.
AP Full scale 100 PSI to 5300 PSI
Optional PID local control
Optional USB PC interface
Free PC interface software

BARTON Nuclear Grade Transmitters

Proven validated designs
Comprehensive industry qualifications

  • Neo-Dyn
  • Burkert Controls
  • Danfoss
  • GSR Valves
  • Satronic Burner Controls
  • ITT Xylem
  • Electro Oil
  • Johnson Controls