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American Meter Company Gas Metering Products

American Meter Company was one of the leading suppliers of diaphragm meters. Various Models to meet demands in domestic services as well as large industrial uses. American Meter Company products have an outstanding record for reliability and durability.

Diaphragm Meters
AC-250 Diaphragm Meter
AC-250 Residential Meter Remote Shut-off Valve
AC-630 Diaphragm Meter
AC-800 Diaphragm Meter
AL-1000 Diaphragm Meter Side-In Side-Out (SISO)
AL-425 Diaphragm Meter
AL-800 Diaphragm Meter Side-In Side-Out (SISO)
AM-250 Diaphragm Meter
AT-210 Diaphragm Meter
BK-G4 Meter
Curb Meter

Rotary Meters
RPM-CMTC with Direct-Mount ERT

Ultrasonic Meters
Q Sonic - 3C
Q Sonic 3 Path
Q Sonic 5 Path
S Sonic

Ultrasonic Meter Software
Uniform v3.01

Turbine Meters
Turbine Gas Meter Q & QIC
AccuTest Meter

Submetering Equipment
QA / QAe
Remote Volume Pulser (RVP)

Laboratory Meters
Dry Test Meters
Wet Test Meters

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American Meter Company Low/Medium/High Pressure Regulators, Pilot Regulators, Safety Shut-offs, Gas Filters
American Meter Company Gas Meters, Gas Diaphragm Meters , Metering Systems
American Meter Company Rotary Gasmeters, Turbine Gasmeters, Ultrasonic Gasmeters
American Meter Company Gas Pressure Regulators, High - Low - Medium
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