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Asco Controls Slide Valves

Asco Controls has different types of slide valves. All slide valves are unique and designed for all sorts of purposes. The slide valves of Asco Controls are indirect or pneumatically serviced. They come in different casings suchs as stainless steel, brass or aluminum.

Asco Controls Serie 551
Asco Controls Serie 552
Asco Controls Serie 553     
Asco Controls Serie 327     
Asco Controls Serie 290/390     
Asco Controls Serie 298/398     
Asco Controls Serie 882    

Asco Controls even has slide valves en solenoid valves with 'NAMUR' connection which allows you to assemble the valve without the use of cables or pipes.

If you have any questions regarding these slide valves of Asco Controls please don't hesitate to contact ITT Controls at

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