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Asco General Controls Fuel Gas Valves H137

The Asco General Controls H137 Fuel Gas Valve is a two-way, normally closed, safety shutoff valve providing trouble free, electrohydraulic, on-off control of combustion gas for boilers, industrial furnaces, dryers, dehydrators, large conversion burners, air heaters and similar applications.

The self contained Asco General Controls actuator is a powerful, pull-type, hydraulic ram providing output force of 1400 pounds to fully open the valve. Upon current interruption, dual redundant relief valves dump hydraulic pressure, closing the valve in one second. The Asco General Controls H137 consists of a motor/pump unit immersed in oil, reducing wear and the need for service.

The Asco General Controls H137 is a cast iron-bodied valve with Nitrile seat and aluminium trim. Pulling force from the Asco General Controls actuator moves a lever (providing mechanical advantage) against spring and gas pressure to open the soft seated flap, allowing straight-through gas flow.

Each Asco General Controls H137 is equipped with one standard SPDT switch, which actuates at the fully-open (energized) position. The H137 Valve is equipped with a valve seal overtravel interlock switch which can be wired into the startup or pre-ignition interlock circuit to permit supervision of the valve's closed position (FM Proof of Closure).

Almost all types of Asco General Controls Valves are available at ITT Controls. If you don't know what type of valve is suitable for your configuration please don't hesitate to contact the sales department of ITT Controls at

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Asco General Controls Fuel Gas Valves H137
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