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Belpa DC Power Supplies

Belpa DC Power supplies come in different models. ITT Controls can provide these different models. For the correct power supply for your application, you should send an email to

  • First phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.91
    • GR-100.71
    • GR-100.72
    • GR-100.73
    • GR-100.74
    • GR-101.10
    • GR-101.06
  • First phase linear power supplies in IP55
    • GR-GR-102.31 and 102.30
  • First phase linearly filtered power supplies
    • GR-2402.50, 2406.00 and GR-GR-2410.00
  • First phase stabilized power supply 24VDC
    • GR-2401.00
  • 3-phase DC power supplies
    • GR-100.7, 100.88 and GR-GR-100.56

Extra product images

Belpa Ignition Transformer
Belpa Dim Transformers
Belpa Monitoring and detection panels
Belpa Transformers
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