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Buderus Systems

Buderus has various products in their range. Product for biomass / solid fuel, fossil fuels
solar energy to environmental heat.

Various solutions of Buderus are:

  • Buderus boilers
  • Buderus Hybrid heat pumps
  • Buderus stoves
  • Buderus complete System
  • Buderus Controlled domestic ventilations
  • Buderus Air-water heat pumps
  • Buderus Controllers for solar systems
  • Buderus Large-scale solar plant technology
  • Buderus Brine-water heat pumps
  • Buderus solar panels
  • Buderus Memory for biomass boiler
  • Buderus Storage for solar arrays
  • Buderus Memory for heat pumps
  • Buderus Split heat pumps

The global productlist of Burderus is:

  • Buderus Logasys SL501-1
  • Buderus Logasys SL 502 HEP
  • Buderus Logasys SL 503 HEP
  • Buderus Logasys SL 504
  • Buderus Logasys SL 505
  • Buderus System Biotech Top Light
  • Buderus Logatherm WPS Wärmepumpe + Solarspeicher
  • Buderus Logano plus SB105 T
  • Buderus System Logamax plus GB162 T 40S
  • Buderus System Logamax plus GB162 T 40S
  • Buderus Logamax plus GB162
  • Buderus System Logamax plus GB162
  • Buderus Energie PLUS System1
  • Buderus Energie PLUS System 2:
  • Buderus Energie PLUS System 3
  • Buderus Energie PLUS System 4
  • Buderus Logasol SAT-VWS
  • Buderus Logano GE315 + BHKW
  • Buderus Logasol SAT-WZ midi + Solar + Solarspeicher

If you need more information about the products of Buderus above, please don't hesitate to contact ITT Controls at

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Buderus Boilers
Buderus Boiler
Buderus Heater
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