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Delavan Oil Burner Nozzles

Delavan develops and produces nozzles for all kinds of expertises. Delavan nozzles has a unique design to reduce the possibility of varnish and oil residue buildup. Delavan Nozzles are build to last even where wear is a factor.

Delavan has three kinds of nozzles that cover almost all burner requirements:

  • Delavan Type A Hollow
  • Delavan Type B Solid Cone
  • Delavan Type W all purpose nozzle

Delavan Del-O-Flo uses a patented design which keeps the fluid from slowing and particles from collecting, settling or clogging the nozzle.

  • Del-O-Flo Type A
  • Del-O-Flo Type B

Delavan Interchanges

  • Delavan Type R-D
  • Delavan Type AR-D

Delavan Special Plug resistant Nozzles for Mobile Homes

  • Delavan Type MH
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Delavan Oil Burner Nozzle
Delavan Spray Nozzles Hollow Cone
Delavan Nozzles, Spray Technology, Oil Nozzles, Air Nozzels, Gas Nozzels, Water Nozzles, Filters, Gauges
Delavan Nozzels, Spray Technology, Oil Nozzles, Air Nozzels, Gas Nozzels, Water Nozzles
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