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DGC Controls Solenoid Valves 3-Way

DGC Controls Solenoid Valves 3-Way

The workhorse of the DGC Controls Valve is the 3-way valve family. Capable of handling much higher pressures and flow capacities than its sister valves. It can be mounted in any position with bubble tight shut-off. The DGC Controls 3-way valves are available in different flow modes: normally closed, normally open, directional, universal and exhaust-to-air.

A direct plunger type universal 3-way valve for control of hydraulic and pneumatic devices and recirculating oil burner application. The lever action of the DGC Controls valve have a mechanical advantage for higher operating pressures. Both types can be piped universally in any system for diverting, normally closed and normally open shut-off of air, water and oils.

The 3-Way DGC Controls valve comes in two types: S30 (direct acting) and the K13 (direct and lever acting).

Almost all types of DGC Controls Valves are available at ITT Controls. If you don't know what type of valve is suitable for your configuration please don't hesitate to contact the sales department of ITT Controls at

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ITT General Controls K13 3-way Valve
ITT General Controls S30 Valve 3-way
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