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DGC Controls Special Purpose Valves

DGC Controls Special Purpose Valves

DGC Controls Special Purpose Valves are shock and vibration resistant. The PV1C magnetic valves have been engineered to function under the rugged operating conditions of the road. Acceleration: 25G's. Especially designed to handle either gasoline or high pressure butane/propane gas, the DGC Controls PV1C is suited for dual fuel control and provides safe and convenient operation in systems where the fuel is switched on and off simultanously with the ignition switch. Dependable under difficult conditions, such as shock an vibration encountered in the operation of trucks and buses.

The balanced DGC Controls diaphragm solenoid gas valve for on-off control of all types of domestic and industrial furnaces, boilers, conversion burners and units heaters. All valves have an aluminium body. Soft Buna 'N' seat for tight shut-off. Minimum pressure differential not required.

These Special Purpose valves are only used with natural, mixed, manufactured or LP gases, including high sulphur, scrubbed coke, and scrubbed and dried sewer gases.

DGC Controls has three special purpose valves: PV1C (direct acting), K3A/E (diaphragm) and S25 (direct acting). 

Almost all types of DGC Controls Valves are available at ITT Controls. If you don't know what type of valve is suitable for your configuration please don't hesitate to contact the sales department of ITT Controls at

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ITT General Controls Special Purpose PV1C Valve
ITT General Controls Special Purpose K3A/E Valve
ITT General Controls Special Purpos S25 Valve
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