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Dungs Gas Detection Equipment

Dungs Gas Detection Equipment

ITT Controls offers various Gas Detection Equipment products from Dungs for the petrochemical and process industries. Dungs, which has its headquarters in Germany, was founded in 1945 and develops and manufactures innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and cogeneration plants.

A selection from Dungs Gas Detection Equipment range:

263696 Gas detection KD 780 with 8 zones
250187 LIM12A detector
257153 LIM / IR I / M IR detector
258899 LIM / IR I / M IR detector (ATEX)
250329 Battery 12V 2.3 Ah for emergency
250192 Flashlight CSA1478 IP65
251373 Flashlight with 106dB siren
256220 Carbon filters (10st) TBV LIM xxx
263678 Swivel TBV explosion proof gas sensor

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Dungs Gas Valves, Pressure Switches, Combustion, Burner Parts, Burner Controls, MultoBloc, Solenoid Valves, Air Switches, Gas Filters, Gas Regulators, Gas Train
Dungs Gas Train
Dungs Gas MultiBloc®, Double Solenoid Valves
Dungs Gas solenoid valve Dungs MVDLE2100/5
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