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Dungs HF Blocks

Dungs HF Blocks

ITT Controls offers various HF Blocks products from Dungs for the petrochemical and process industries. Dungs, which has its headquarters in Germany, was founded in 1945 and develops and manufactures innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and cogeneration plants.

A selection from Dungs HF Block range:

255804 HF Bloc-5080-VPS DN80
255805 HF Bloc-5100-VPS DN100
255806 HF Bloc-5125-VPS DN125
255807 HF Bloc-5150-VPS DN150
255808 HF Bloc-5080-VPS DN80
255809 HF Bloc-5100-VPS DN100
255810 HF Bloc-5125-VPS DN125
255811 HF Bloc-5150-VPS DN150
255830 HF Bloc-50050-VPM-HP
255831 HF Bloc-50065-VPM-HP
255832 HF Bloc-50080-VPM-HP
255833 HF Bloc-50100-VPM-HP
255834 HF Bloc-50125-VPM-HP
255835 HF Bloc-50150-VPM-HP
255836 HF Bloc-50050-DSLC-HP
255837 HF Bloc-50065-DSLC-HP
255838 HF Bloc-50080-DSLC-HP
255839 HF Bloc-50100-DSLC-HP
255840 HF Bloc-50125-DSLC-HP
255841 HF Bloc-50150-DSLC-HP

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