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Ermaf Indirect Heaters

Ermaf Indirect Heaters

Ermaf products are well known for over 40 years. Ermaf heating equipment has been developed for worldwide use in stockbreeding applications but also for greenhouse applications. The Ermaf heaters have an intelligent burner system which makes it possible to use gas and oil economically, safely and environmentally friendly.

The complete range of Ermaf gas heaters and oil heaters have a capacity between 14-120kW for stationary as well as mobile use. All Ermaf Heaters meet the European requirements and special requirements for several countries outside Europe.

Ermaf is part of the Elster Kromschroder Group and produces gas heaters, oil heaters and ventilators. Ermaf relies on a team of specialized employees who are responsible for development, manufacturing and delivery of products and services. All these specialties combined result in a high quality product.

Ermaf indirect Heaters

  •  Ermaf TR75
  •  Ermaf RGA100

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