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ITT Barton Model 200

BARTON model 200 differential pressure indicators are available for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges. The Barton model 200 are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, flow rate and liquid level applications.


• BARTON differential pressure unit (DPU) sensor
• NEMA-4/IP65 cases
• Wide selection of differential pressure ranges
• Pulsation dampening

Indicating Mechanism
• The indicating pointer traverses a 270-degree arc, providing excellent readability. It is driven by a precision-jeweled rotary movement that multiplies rotation of the torque tube through a gear and pinion to the pointer. The movement employs a thermally stable Ni-Span-C hair spring.
• The movement has a micrometer screw for convenient range adjustments. Zero/range adjustments can be made without removing the scale plate or pointer. Linearity adjustments are readily accessible after removal of the scale plate.

• All indicating scales can be graduated uniformly for measurement of differential pressure, liquid level or square root for direct reading of flow rate. Special scales can be furnished for indicating liquid level in horizontal or non-uniform tanks. Scales are available in
black with white lettering (standard) and in white with black lettering (optional).

• BARTON indicators are available in 6” (152 mm) dial size. The standard case is die-cast aluminum with a special baked epoxy black finish, which is NEMA-4/IP65 rated. An optional
“S” version 316 stainless steel case is available for offshore/corrosive environments.

Actuating Units

• The indicator is actuated by a rupture-proof bellows DPU with integral temperature compensation.
• The M199 DPU features dual, liquid-filled bellows designed to withstand repeated overranges equal to the safe working pressure of the housings without a change in calibration.

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