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ITT Barton Model 247C and 246C

ITT Barton Model 247C and 246C

ITT Barton Model 247C and 246C 6-inch DP Indicator/Backflow Tester

The ITT Barton Model 247C is a portable 6” (152 mm) indicator housed in a plastic carrying case with a built in 3-valve manifold, bleed valves and neoprene hoses.

• DP ranges from 0-30” w.c. to 0-400 psi
• Portable Backflow Testers available (Model 246 BFT - 3 inch; Model 247 BFT - 6 inch)
• Actuated by the 224C DPU


Using the ITT Barton welded beryllium copper bellows assembly, these testers are accurate to one-half of one percent, translating a reading within 0.075 PSID in both ascending and descending actions.

Features of the ITT Barton Model 246 and 247:

  • Pressure Overrange Protection (up to 500 PSI) - no damage to the meter due to pressure spikes
  • Easy reading scale - 150 separate 0.1 PSID diviions mark the large scale
  • 246 BFT's small 3-inch scale provides a compact tester
  • 247 BFT's large 6-inch scale provides easy measurement reading
  • Five easy to use valves - designed with stainless steel, corrosion resistant, stems and soft seats.
  • Unique build-in manifold - allows the addition of a pressure gauge to obtain static pressure reading during testing.
  • Compact Case (steel reinforced polyethene) with foam insert - minimizes damage when stored.
  • Adaptable - allows performance on all types of backflow assemblies.
  • Hand/shoulder strap - allows Field use
  • Fittings/hoses included - test fittings and three color coded, 6 foot hoses for easy hookup.
  • Reviewed by University of Southern California

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