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General Controls Hydramotor AH4 / V710

Hydramotor Gas Valves are with or without valve seal overtravel interlock (FM Proof of closure). For on-off main line gas control.

Slow or fast opening models with spring return shutoff of less than one second for boilers, furnaces, ovens and all types of gas-fired commercial  and industrial burners.

These valves consists primarily of two components: the AH2 actuator and the V710 valve body.

The AH4 High-Low-Off actuator is operated by two independent SPST line voltage controllers which provide an on-off safety circuit. The Hydramotor Ah4 are three-position push-type, self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuators. It features an electronic controler for accurate positioning. The V710 valve body is supplied with either a linear or parabolic guide having linear flow characteristics for best control performance in the High-Low-Off control system. The V710 Valve body is watertight. The combination can be mounted in any position.



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General Controls Hydramotor Gas Valve AH4 / V710
General Controls Hydramotor Gas Valve AH4D
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