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General Controls Hydramotor Gas Valves H118

General Controls Hydramotor Gas Valves H118

The General Controls Hydramotor H118 Fuel Gas Valve is a normally closed coombination of Hydramotor actuator and safety shutoff/control gas valve. It Is used for commercial and industrial burners in applications such as furnaces, dryers, dehydrators, conversion burners and heaters.

The cast iron valve body provides high flow and self cleaning operation. Its soft synthetic seat and integral, heavy-duty return spring close the valve tigthly upon current interruption, in one second or less.

The Hydramotor H118 is self-contained, hermetically sealed, electrohydraulic actuator provides an output force of 200 pounds. It consists of a motor/pump unit immersed in oil, reducing wear and the need for service, and a pull-type piston.

Almost all types of Hydramotor Valves are available at ITT Controls. If you don't know what type of valve is suitable for your configuration please don't hesitate to contact the sales department of ITT Controls at

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