Looking for Maclaren Controls - Control Valves for Gas, Oil and Pneumatic applications?

Thevalves are provided with components that ensure that the valve makes littlenoise when in production. Maclaren valves have a working range from 230 volts,110/120 volts, 24 volts 50/60Hz or 24, 12 volts DC.

Thepilot burners and electrodes are available in different variants. The productsof Maclaren give a silent blue flame and high stability. The openings areinterchangeable and therefore suitable for different types of gas. Productsfrom Maclaren distinguish themselves by their robust construction.

  • MaclarenSM 30 & SM40 Solenoid
  • MaclarenType SM47 series of solenoid Gas Valve, Class A, Rp 3/8 or 1/2
  • MaclarenSM70 Single Solenoid Gas Valve Class A Rp3/8 or 1/2
  • MaclarenType DM80 series of Twin solenoid Gas Valves
  • MaclarenDM803 Solenoid
  • MaclarenGM7000 Solenoid
  • MaclarenType 27A3
  • MaclarenType 27A4
  • MaclarenType 27A5
  • MaclarenType 27A6
  • MaclarenTypes 27B1 & B4
  • Maclaren Type 27B1
  • Maclaren Type 27B4
  • Maclaren Type 28T
  • Maclaren Type 28T 2E
  • MaclarenType 28T 2D
  • MaclarenType 28T 2C
  • MaclarenType 27A1
  • MaclarenType 27T1
  • MaclarenType ACS Thermostat Range
  • MaclarenCommercial Kitchen Interlock and Gas Safety Controls to BS6173 (FullyCertified)

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