Looking for Sperryn Gas Controls and Sperryn Industrial and Commercial Meter kits?

Variousmodels are on stock. Please contact ITT Controls via info@ittcontrols.com

G940/G941- Domestic Meter Regulator, G1000M - Non - Domestic Meter Regulators, G1000CCompact & G1000 - Industrial Regulators, G5000 - Medium Pressure Regulator,G1100 - Zero Regulator & G1200 Proportionator, R1000 - Relief Valve, L1000- Low Pressure Cut Off, Pits - G5000 Regulator with OPSO, Kiosks - G5000Regulator with OPSO

U16 METER KIT Part No.
M916,U65-2" SERVICE METER KIT Part No.M965-50, U65-3" SERVICE METER KIT Part No. M965-80, U25 METER KITPart No. M925, U40 METER KIT Part No. M940, U100 METER KIT Part No. M9100,U160-80mm METER KIT Part No. M9160, Sperryn DKW 32C Meter Kit, Sperryn M9100-PMeter Kit, Sperryn DWK66 Kit, Sperryn DKW14 Meter Kit, Sperryn DKW47, SperrynDKW59, Sperryn DKW 31A, Sperryn DKW 24, Sperryn DKW 34C, Sperryn DKW 22-C,Sperryn DKW23 Meter Kit, Sperryn DKW22 Standard Installation Kit, SperrynDKW24-C Installation Kit, Sperryn Firesafe ECV, Sperryn DKW 43A Meter Kit.

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