Special prices for GSR Ventiltechnik pressure valves and solenoid valves!

ITTControls has a wide productrange of GSR Ventiltechnik pressure valves andsolenoid valves on stock.

GSR Ventiltechnik pilot operated valves: Type 8/000, Type25, Type 28, Type 40TM, Type 40, Type 44, Type 46, Type 50,Type 51, Type 2/529

GSR Ventiltechnik force pilot operated valves: Type24,Type 24TH, Type 27, Type 35, Type 37, Type 43, Type 43TM, Type 49, Type49TH, Type 1/041, Type 2/164

GSRVentiltechnik direct acting valves: Type 23, Type 48, Type 52, Type 72, Type73, Type 75, Type 3/045

Look atour website for more information: http://ittcontrols.nl/brands/gsr-valves/and p[lease mail to info@ittcontrols.com for the latest prices.