CTC Enertech Group

ITT Controls also supplies heat pumps, boilers and other products of CTC Enertech Group. The history of CTC is located in Sweden where it was founded in 1923. You can rightly say that they have earned their name in this industry. Boilers of CTC have gone through an impressive transformation. From big ugly devices that were stashed away in dark dirty rooms to design boilers which can be placed in each room.

CTC offers several heat pumps such as air-to-water, through rocks, through the heat of the earth, through soil and lake water or the sun.
Air-water heat pumps provide hot water for sanitary and water based heating systems. They derive their energy from the outside air and can be combined with an existing heating system. This reduces energy consumption by 50-60%.
The temperature in rock is constant. Hence, this is an excellent way to use that temperature for heating. A borehole is drilled up to 150 meters and the tube filled with circulating water brings the warmth to the heat pump. This reduces energy consumption up to 60-70%.
Because solar energy is stored in the soil this is also a good way to derive heat. A 200-500 meter hose is inserted beneath the soil in a frost free depth. Fluid circulates and transfers the heat to the pump, which in turn distributes it. Such a heat pump reduces energy consumption by 60-70%.
Groundwater pumps utilize the heat of the water in the ground or in a lake. Here too, a tube is used to the circulate water by means of a pump which brings it to the building. This way reduces energy consumption up to 60-70%.
Heating with solar energy is an excellent way to supplement an existing heating system.
ITT Controls also supplies the wood boilers, pallet boilers, oil condensing boilers, oil and gas boilers, electric boilers and storage tanks of CTC including the parts and accessories. With an excellent return of over 90% these boilers belong to the top of the world.
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Website: www.ctc-controls.com

CTC Enertech Heat Pumps

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CTC Enertech Wood Boilers

CTC Enertech Wood boilers have their roots in Sweden. CTC Enertech has been making wood boilers since 1923. Currently CTC Enertech sells wood boilers all over the world. The Boilers deliver an efficiency up to 92%, which is exceptionally high for such a boiler. In addition, the boilers from CTC Enertech have very low emissions.

CTC Enertech Wood boilers are:

  • CTC V40 Lambda
  • CTC V40
  • CTC V25 UB / UBK
  • CTC V22 Lambda
  • CTC PV100

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CTC Enertech Boilers

CTC Enertech also provides all in one boilers. A solution where you will never run out of hot water. The tank is built with intelligence. The CTC Enertech boilers have a stunning hot water capacity which can be over 600 liters. Existing boilers can be connected to the CTC Enertech Boilers.

CTC Enertech Boiler products are:

  • CTC EcoZenith i550 PRO
  • CTC EcoZenith C 530
  • CTC EcoZenith 510
  • CTC EcoZenith i250
  • CTC Water Heater 101
  • CTC Water Heater 102

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CTC Enertech Oil Condensing Boilers

CTC Enertech has several Oil Condensing Boilers in their assortment. These condensing boilers are efficient and reliable. The  condensation boillers of CTC Enertech are extremely safe and quiet during operation.

Different CTC Enertech Condensing Boilers are:

CTC 950 FS
CTC 950 condensation
CTC 380 IC

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CTC Enertech Oil/Gas Boilers

CTC Enertech Oil and Gas Boilers are designed with passion and have a long experience within the boiler, oil and gas industry. The boilers of CTC Enertech stands for high quality.

CTC Enertech Oil and Gas Boilers are:

  • CTC Wirbex Ultra
  • CTC 950
  • CTC 380S

These CTC Enertech Boilers have a High efficiency in a low temperature boiler range.

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CTC Enertech Bentone Burners

Within the CTC Enertech Group, Bentone is also a major player in the burner branche. Enertech Bentone Burners come in Oil Burners one stage, Oil Buners two stage, Oil Burners three stage, Oil Burners RME, Oil Burners Multi Fuel, Gas Burners One stage, Gas Burners two stage and gas modulating burners.

All Enertech Bentone Burners in a list:

  • Bentone Oil Burners - One Stage
    • Bentone BF1
    • Bentone B1 Classic
    • Bentone B2 Classic
    • Bentone ST133
    • Bentone ST146
    • Bentone B30
    • Bentone B40
  • Bentone Oil Burners - Two Stage
    • Bentone BF1-2
    • Bentone B30-2
    • Bentone B40-2
    • Bentone B45
    • Bentone B55
    • Bentone B65
  • Bentone Oil Burners - Three Stage
    • Bentone B55
    • Bentone B65
    • Bentone B70
    • Bentone B80
  • Bentone Oil Burners - RME
    • Bentone B 30A RME
    • Bentone B 40A RME
  • Bentone Oil Burners - Multi Fuel
    • Bentone B40 MF
    • Bentone B45-2 MF
  • Bentone Gas Burners - One Stage
    • Bentone BFG1
    • Bentone STG 146
    • Bentone BG300
    • Bentone BG400
  • Bentone Gas Burners - Two Stage
    • Bentone BFG1-2 HC
    • Bentone BG300-2
    • Bentone BG400-2
    • Bentone BG450
    • Bentone BG550
    • Bentone BG650
  • Bentone Gas Burners - Modulating
    • Bentone BG300M
    • Bentone BG400M
    • Bentone BG450M
    • Bentone BG550M
    • Bentone BG650M
    • Bentone BG700M
    • Bentone BG800M
    • Bentone BG950M

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