ITT Controls supplies parts for products such as gas turbine fuel nozzles from Del-o-Flo. Del-o-Flo is a part of the Goodrich Corporation and is world leader in designing and manufacturing high quality nozzles and fluid handling systems.

Del-o-Flo produces over 30,000 different components and for each application another part is needed. There are numerous spray patterns. Asphalt or tar laying, bottle washing, coal and gravel washing, degreasing, washing, foam, industrial washers, metal cleaning rinsing and washing, spray coating, vehicle washing, water, cover and water fountains.

If a nozzle is required which must be redesigned ITT Controls can play an important role in advisory and guiding. Also solutions for industries such as nuclear, offshore, water, steel, brewing, dairy, mining, aerospace and automotive, we will not shy away from. The product portfolio ranges from basic spray manifolds through wheel wash stations, dust suppression and odor control through facilities for the discerning automotive industry for treatment plant and critical damping systems.
ITT Controls gives the most optimal care to clients. With the widest possible range of products and brands ITT Controls meets up to the demand for various components and alternatives.
We provide a complete range of quality products for the installation sector and industry. ITT Controls offers a wide range of services.
A selection of the product groups we sell are actuators, industrial pumps, valves and valves, parts and accessories, measuring and control, analog and digital.
ITT Controls is a company with several divisions and internationally active. We have an impressive circle of relationships with some famous companies such as BP, DNW, Dow Chemicals, DSM, NLR, Shell, Texaco and Team Terminal.


Del-O-Flo Nozzels for various applications

If you need more information about Del-O-Flo nozzles please contact ITT Controls via We can give you the proper advice.