Delta Controls

ITT Controls also supplies products and components from Delta Controls. In the petrochemical and process industry these products are widely used and indispensable for every / HVAC maintenance. The brand itself no longer exists but many products and parts are still available. ITT Controls can help if you need anything.

ITT Controls advises, supplies spare parts, repairs and does product maintenance in the petrochemical and process industries. The strength of ITT Controls lies in the knowledge of the products such as Delta Controls. For electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems ITT Controls thinks along to tailor products to both large and small customers.
Interrupting work because something is defective or maintenance is required on Delta Controls products means extra work for all involved. It is therefore important that such a pauze is restricted to a minimum. Here ITT Controls steps in. Because we can respond appropriately to any situation and quickly deliver products and components, we are the partner in the field of petrochemical and process industries.
ITT Controls supplies heatpumps, groundwater pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, pressure independent ball valves, manual valves and filters, pressure switches, combination controls and Delta Controls parts, electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control, thermoelectric safety, heating controllers Comfort Controls and measuring and testing equipment and virtually any product that is found in the oil and gas industry.
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Delta Controls Ultrasonic Products

Delta Controls has different Ultrasonic products in their range. Different models for various applications.

  • Delta Controls Model 872 Level Transmitter
  • Delta Controls Model 873 Ultrasonic level Controller
  • Delta Controls Model 858 Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Level Controller
  • Delta Controls Ultrasonic Sender/Receivers
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Delta Controls R.F. Admittance Capacitance

Delta Controls series 100 RF Admittance level switches and transmitters are a combination of Radio Frequency/Admittance and Pulse Wave technology. These Delta Controls products are used to measure height of liquids, interfaces and solids.

  • Different Delta Controls Level switches and transmitters are:
  • Delta Controls Model 103
  • Delta Controls Model 104
  • Delta Controls Model 105
  • Delta Controls Model 107
  • Delta Controls Model 173
  • Delta Controls Model IPT
  • Delta Controls Probes
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Delta Controls Head Pressure Products

Delta Controls Level and Process Pressure Transmitters have been developed for different applications such as corrosive and wet services.

Delta Controls Level and Process Pressure Transmitters are:

  • Delta Controls Model 551
  • Delta Controls Model 552
  • Delta Controls Model 562
  • Delta Controls Model 563
  • Delta Controls Model 564
  • Delta Controls Model 565
  • Delta Controls Model 566
  • Delta Controls Model 571
  • Delta Controls Model 572
  • Delta Controls Model 591
  • Delta Controls Model 590
  • Delta Controls Model 592
  • Delta Controls Model TPC
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Delta Controls Float and Displacer Products

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Delta Controls Conductance Products

Delta Controls has three different conductance probe level switches that meet your demand. The Delta Controls prodcts models detects conductive solids or liquids. They are very reliable due to the plastic coating for protection against moisture and corrosion. It is sealed for high reliability.

Different Delta Controls Conductance Probe Level switches are:

  • Delta Controls Model 512
  • Delta Controls Model 513
  • Delta Controls Model 514

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Delta Controls Tilt Products

Delta Controls Tilt Switch detects presence or absence of material at the elevation of its probe. The Delta Controls Tilt probe is easy to install, rugged and reliable.

There is only one tilt switch model which is the Delta Controls 835 Electronics Unit.

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