Electro Oil

ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by Electro Oil. Originally a Danish brand that began with HR boilers as large as tractors. The brand officially doesn’t exist anymore and Electro Oil changed its name to Electro Energy. That does not mean that there arent enough products on the world of who cary the name of Electro Oil. Several oil pumps and heat pumps are still running. ITT Controls still delivers components of this brand and can also advise another similar product to buy if it’s no longer worth to replace these parts.

The interruption of work because something is defective or because maintenance is required means extra work for all concerned. It is thus important that such breaks should be kept to a minimum. ITT Controls can help in these situations. Because we can respond appropriately to any situation and quickly deliver products and parts. We are your partner in the petrochemical and process industry.

For almost every application we can help you find the right product. Whether you are looking for actuators, Gas meters, gas controls, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, ball valves or other products in the petrochemical en process industry. ITT Controls always finds a product that is suitable for your application.

ITT Controls advises, provides parts, repairs and do maintenance on products in the petrochemical and process industries. The strength of ITT Controls lies in the knowledge of the products. Also for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. ITT Controls thinks along to tailor products to both large and small customers.

Website: www.electrooil.com

Electro-Oil Oil Burners

Electro-Oil is part of the Enertech Group which produces over 200.000 burners per year. The Division Giersch as well as Electro-Oil is the specialist for low-emission technology and stands for high quality. Electro-Oil oil burners are well known and comply with the European Standards and with the relevant standards of many other countries.

Different Burners made by Electro-Oil are sold by ITT Controls.

  • Electro-Oil Oil Burner series InterZero S (14.8 to 136.4 kW)
  • Electro-Oil Oil Burner series R (12-273 kW)
  • Electro-Oil Oil Burner series GB3000 (15-35kW)
  • Electro-Oil Oil Burner series M (120-2500kW)

Burners made by Electro-Oil are extremely succesful. The Electro-Oil R Series for instance are equipped with state-of-the-art blower technology. The Electro-Oil R series can be recognised by its shape. And if you need more power you can look at the Electro-Oil M Series which is a burner with a combination of performance, functionality and sophisticated design. The M series is equipped with a special mixing device that can be easily adjusted.

Electro-Oil also produces universal oil burners and dual fuel burners.

Electro-Oil dual fuel burner series MK (280 - 2720 kW )
Electro-Oil universal Oil Burners series GU (25,4 - 195 kW)

If you need more information about these Electro-Oil Burners please don't hesitate to contact ITT Controls via info@ittcontrols.com.

Electro-Oil Gas Burners

The Electro-Oil Gas Burner RG Series provide a two stage of modulating operation. The gas burner gives off more or less power depending on the heat that is required. Electro-Oil invests also in intelligent solutions, production, high-grade materials, careful assembly and strict final inspection of all her products.